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Minnerond is a continent southeast of the Sword Coast, left near-vacant and cut off by impassible mountains after an ancient cataclysm. In 2300 DR, A massive earthquake has opened a narrow pass between the mountains.

It is being resettled by heroes with ancestral ties to the area. Chief among these is Lady Helena, stewardess of the emaciated port city of St. Helena. Outside of the port city that the former heroes are rebuilding, most known settlements’ denizens are subsistence farmers who worship an undead-hating Lord of Tombs and live in a state of near-constant conflict with roving undead. Their chieftains are all priests of the Lord of Tombs, a reinterpretation of Kelemvor. Players will usually find their initial role as settlers and scouts while they meet prominent figures from various factions.

As they prove their worth and competence, they find Minnerond abundant in opportunity.

Common myth has it that miles under a keep manned by the undead, a Celestial being sits locked in psychic combat with an ancient Dracolich – a dragon that has undergone the unspeakable rituals necessary to preserve its life in an infernal guise. The storm of energy cast off by this conflict has hollowed out a massive cavern tens of miles long and many, many layers deep, populated by monstrosities and wondrous beings both natural and unnatural. It is said that the echoes of their conflict have caused all kinds of strange things to happen on the continent, including a very truncated distance to the Fey, horrors from the Far Realm reaching into the minds of people, and a superabundance of all sorts of wild energy that makes the area prime for all kinds of magical experimentation.

Many budding factions exist for the players to interact with; emergent power conflicts with intrigue abound.

The world isn't waiting for heroes – things are always happening, usually for the worse.

The contaminated ocean around the main city teems with fascinating, deadly beasts, leviathans, various sunken Lovecraftian civilizations vying for dominance, and ancient shipwrecks; yet these particular fiends have as yet taken no interest in the surface world.

As of the current era, the era of resettlement and reconstruction, much of the continent is still unexplored and unmapped.


Home Page

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